Partial volume and aliasing artefacts in helical cone-beam CT.

  title={Partial volume and aliasing artefacts in helical cone-beam CT.},
  author={Y C Zou and Emil Y. Sidky and Xiaochuan Pan},
  journal={Physics in medicine and biology},
  volume={49 11},
A generalization of the quasi-exact algorithms of Kudo et al (2000 IEEE Trans. Med. Imaging 19 902-21) is developed that allows for data acquisition in a 'practical' frame for clinical diagnostic helical, cone-beam computed tomography (CT). The algorithm is investigated using data that model nonlinear partial volume averaging. This investigation leads to an understanding of aliasing artefacts in helical, cone-beam CT image reconstruction. An ad hoc scheme is proposed to mitigate artefacts due… CONTINUE READING
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