Partial monosomy of 7q32 in a case of de novo rcp(7;15)(q32;q15).


A de novo apparently balanced translocation between chromosomes 7 and 15 with breakpoints in q32 and q15 respectively is reported in a female child. Clinical features included general growth and psychomotor retardation, feeding problems, microcephaly, low set ears, a short neck, and brachydactyly. These findings suggested possible physical or functional… (More)


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@article{Dalessandro1994PartialMO, title={Partial monosomy of 7q32 in a case of de novo rcp(7;15)(q32;q15).}, author={E D'alessandro and Claudio Ligas and Marianna Lo Re and M P Marcanio and Teresa Gentile and G B del Porto}, journal={Journal of medical genetics}, year={1994}, volume={31 5}, pages={413-5} }