Partial copurification of scrapie-associated fibrils and scrapie infectivity.

  title={Partial copurification of scrapie-associated fibrils and scrapie infectivity.},
  author={Robert A. Somerville and Patricia A. Merz and Richard I. Carp},
  volume={25 1},
The association between scrapie infectivity and scrapie-associated fibrils (SAF) during a partial purification procedure for infectivity was investigated. Scrapie infectivity and SAF can be separated from most membrane components by subcellular fractionation of infected mouse brain to obtain a synaptosomal fraction, followed by detergent treatment and density gradient centrifugation. After different detergent treatments, with either octyl glucoside or sodium N-lauroyl sarcosinate, SAF showed… CONTINUE READING

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