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Partial Characterization of Carbohydrate Residues of Serum Glycoproteins in Neoplastic Disease

  title={Partial Characterization of Carbohydrate Residues of Serum Glycoproteins in Neoplastic Disease},
  author={P. Sobocinski and K. Hartley and A. S. Evans and W. J. Canterbury},
Abstract : The objective of this investigation was primarily to establish that the apparent increase in serum fucose levels in patients with malignant tumors is real and to obtain data as to its source. Carbohydrate residues (L-fucose, D-mannose, D-galactose) were estimated by borate ion-exchange chromatography after mild acid hydrolysis of serum proteins. Data are presented which confirm reported increases in levels of serum fucose in certain malignancies and indicate that these increases may… Expand
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Utility of serum protein-bound neutral hexoses and L-fucose for estimation of malignant tumor extension and evaluation of efficacy of therapy.
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Liquid-chromatographic analysis for neutral carbohydrates in serum glycoproteins.
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Chronic Depression of Serum Sialic Acid Levels in Alloxan-Induced Diabetes
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