Part-list reexposure and release of retrieval inhibition.


In list-method directed forgetting, reexposure to forgotten List 1 items has been shown to reduce directed forgetting. proposed that reexposure to a few List 1 items only during a direct test of memory reinstates the entire List 1 episode. In the present experiments, part-list reexposure in the context of indirect as well as direct memory tests reduced directed forgetting. Directed forgetting was reduced when 50% or more of the items were reexposed, and was intact when only 25% were reexposed. Furthermore, part-list reexposure appeared to reinstate only reexposed items-not the entire List 1 episode.

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@article{Basden2003PartlistRA, title={Part-list reexposure and release of retrieval inhibition.}, author={Barbara H Basden and David R Basden and Matthew J Wright}, journal={Consciousness and cognition}, year={2003}, volume={12 3}, pages={354-75} }