Part 2 : Historical ( Pre-1860 ) and Current ( 1860-2002 ) Forest and Landscape Structure

  title={Part 2 : Historical ( Pre-1860 ) and Current ( 1860-2002 ) Forest and Landscape Structure},
  author={William H. Romme and Merrill R. Kaufmann and Thomas T. Veblen and Rosemary L. Sherriff and Claudia M. Regan},
The term “landscape structure” refers to the configuration of vegetation and other land features over a large land area (usually an extent of many square kilometers). A landscape can be regarded as a mosaic composed of patches of different kinds— for example, different forest types, landforms, or human-built structures such as roads. The scientific discipline of landscape ecology is concerned with quantitatively describing the features of landscape mosaics, including, for example, the variety… CONTINUE READING


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