Paroxetine as a 5-HT neuroendocrine probe

  title={Paroxetine as a 5-HT neuroendocrine probe},
  author={H. Kojima and Takeshi Terao and Miki Iwakawa and Atsushi Soya and Naohide Inoue and Yuji Shiraishi and Young-Don Son and Shuji Soeda and Naoki Ueda and Reiji Yoshimura and Joji Nakamura},
Rationale. Acute administration of 40 mg paroxetine (a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) reportedly increases plasma cortisol in human subjects. This suggests that paroxetine may be a useful tool to probe brain serotonin function. Objective. To investigate a dose-response relationship for paroxetine administration, and to determine whether a lower dose of paroxetine is sufficient to increase plasma ACTH and cortisol. Methods. Twenty subjects were tested on three occasions in a double… CONTINUE READING