Parotid gland: US findings in Sjögren syndrome. Work in progress.

  title={Parotid gland: US findings in Sj{\"o}gren syndrome. Work in progress.},
  author={R J Bradus and P Hybarger and Gretchen A. W. Gooding},
  volume={169 3},
To determine the value of sonography of the parotid gland in patients with Sjögren syndrome, six consecutive cases were retrospectively reviewed in which clinical findings indicated Sjögren syndrome. All patients were women. Two patients were found at sonography to have normal parotid glands. Four patients had multiple cystic changes in the parotid glands bilaterally. Each of these four patients had a clinical diagnosis of Sjögren syndrome. One of the four underwent sialography, which… CONTINUE READING
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