Parliamentary rituals, institutional continuity, and the reinvention of political traditions in Myanmar

  title={Parliamentary rituals, institutional continuity, and the reinvention of political traditions in Myanmar},
  author={R. Egreteau},
  journal={The Journal of Legislative Studies},
  pages={113 - 132}
  • R. Egreteau
  • Published 2020
  • Political Science
  • The Journal of Legislative Studies
ABSTRACT Shedding light on an understudied aspect of Myanmar's institutional history, this study interrogates the perpetuation of parliamentary rituals in the country's successive postcolonial legislatures. It focuses on two ritualised ceremonies: the oath taken by new members of parliaments and the mace-bearing spectacle marking the opening of the daily session. Their maintenance, re-appropriation and re-designing under Myanmar's different post-independence regimes reveal a persistent linkage… Expand
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