Parkour injuries presenting to United States emergency departments, 2009–2015

  title={Parkour injuries presenting to United States emergency departments, 2009–2015},
  author={Matthew E. Rossheim and Caroline J. Stephenson},
  journal={American Journal of Emergency Medicine},

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Electronic cigarette explosion and burn injuries, US Emergency Departments 2015–2017

There are more e-cigarette explosion and burn injuries in the USA than estimated in the past reports, and the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) could be a valuable resource for e-cigarettes injury surveillance.

Training habits and lower limb injury prevention in parkour practitioners

*Correspon Abstract -Parkour consists of overcoming obstacles mostly in an urban landscape. Little is known regarding usual training habits and injury risks of traceurs, i.e., parkour practitioners.

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An original and interdisciplinary approach to the treatment of whole-body human movements through the synergistic utilization of biomechanics, motor control and robotics is proposed to better understand the organization of human dynamic motions and provide a new methodology to generate whole- body human motions with anthropomorphic systems.



Spinal cord injury in Parkour sport (free running): a rare case report.

The results of this very rare case study revealed that exercising Parkour sport without taking into account safety standards could result in irreversible injuries to the cervical spinal cord with fatal outcome.

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The etiology of injuries suggests that the term injury should probably be defined so as to encompass those kinds of damage to the body that are produced by energy exchanges and that are manifested within 48 hours, or usually within considerably shorter periods.

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This data indicates that transportation by ambulance decrease time to gastrointestinal decontamination after overdose and potential time savings by prehospital administration of activated charcoal could be significant.

Parkour: a new extreme sport and a case study.

The case of an 18-year-old male who sustained multiple fracture/dislocations of his left foot while practicing parkour is reviewed, and an ACFAS Level of Clinical Evidence is reviewed.

Foot Pain After Parkour in a 31-Year-Old Man

A 31-year-old Asian man presented for evaluation of left foot pain that began on the day before his clinic visit while he was practicing parkour, where he experienced a snapping sensation in his left foot, with subsequent pain in the arch and heel.

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Parkour is a new sport based on athletically and artistically overcoming urban obstacles (e.g., climbing up and vaulting over walls). In this paper, I position parkour as a form of urban adventurism

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Background: Adventure education is an instructional model where students participate in adventurous activities to acquire physical, cognitive, and affective skills. It also has strong connections

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This article identifies new trends in youth sport participation, particularly the growing popularity of non-competitive, informal, non-institutionalized ‘action sports’ (e.g., skateboarding, surfing,

Paediatric fractures sustained in Parkour (free running)