Parkinsonian-like locomotor impairment in mice lacking dopamine D2 receptors

  title={Parkinsonian-like locomotor impairment in mice lacking dopamine D2 receptors},
  author={Ja-Hyun Baik and Roberto Picetti and Adolfo Saiardi and Graziella Thiriet and Andr{\'e}e Di{\'e}rich and A. Depaulis and Marianne Le Meur and Emiliana Borrelli},
DOPAMINERGIC neuronal pathways arise from mesencephalic nuclei and project axons to the striatum, cortex, limbic system and hypothalamus1,2. Through these pathways dopamine affects many physiological functions, such as the control of coordinated movement and hormone secretion3. Here we have studied the physiological involvement of the dopamine D2 receptors in dopaminergic transmission, using homologous recombination to generate D2-receptor-deficient mice. Absence of D2 receptors leads to… CONTINUE READING
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