Parkinson patient fibroblasts show increased alpha-synuclein expression.

  title={Parkinson patient fibroblasts show increased alpha-synuclein expression.},
  author={Hans-Hermann Hoepken and Suzana Gispert and Mekhman Azizov and Michael Klinkenberg and F. Ricciardi and Alexander Kurz and Blas Morales-Gordo and Michael Bonin and Olaf Riess and Thomas Gasser and Donat K{\"o}gel and Helmuth H. Steinmetz and Georg Auburger},
  journal={Experimental neurology},
  volume={212 2},
Parkinson's disease (PD) is a neurodegenerative movement disorder of advanced age with largely unknown etiology, but well documented tissue damage from oxidative stress. Increased alpha-synuclein (SNCA) expression is known to cause a rare form of PD, early-onset autosomal dominant PARK4. We have previously shown that loss-of-function mutations of the mitochondrial kinase PINK1 which cause the early-onset recessive PARK6 variant result in oxidative damage in patient fibroblasts. We now… CONTINUE READING