Parity Deformed Jaynes-Cummings Model: “Robust Maximally Entangled States”


The parity-deformations of the quantum harmonic oscillator are used to describe the generalized Jaynes-Cummings model based on the λ-analog of the Heisenberg algebra. The behavior is interestingly that of a coupled system comprising a two-level atom and a cavity field assisted by a continuous external classical field. The dynamical characters of the system is explored under the influence of the external field. In particular, we analytically study the generation of robust and maximally entangled states formed by a two-level atom trapped in a lossy cavity interacting with an external centrifugal field. We investigate the influence of deformation and detuning parameters on the degree of the quantum entanglement and the atomic population inversion. Under the condition of a linear interaction controlled by an external field, the maximally entangled states may emerge periodically along with time evolution. In the dissipation regime, the entanglement of the parity deformed JCM are preserved more with the increase of the deformation parameter, i.e. the stronger external field induces better degree of entanglement.

DOI: 10.1038/srep38069

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