Parity Cloud Service: A Privacy-Protected Personal Data Recovery Service


As more and more data are generated in an electronic format, the necessity of data recovery service became larger and the development of more efficient data backup and recovery technology has been an important issue during the past decade. While lots of effective backup and recovery technologies, including data dedeplication and incremental backup, have been developed for enterprise level data backup service, few works have been done for efficient personal data recovery service. Since the privacy protection is a crucial issue for providing a personal data recovery service, a plain data backup-based recovery service is not adequate for public service. Users are not expected to upload their critical data to the internet backup server until they can fully trust the service provider in terms of the privacy protection. In this paper, we propose a novel data recovery service framework on cloud infrastructure, a Parity Cloud Service (PCS) that provides a privacy-protected personal data recovery service. The proposed framework does not require any user data to be uploaded to the server for data recovery. Also the necessary server-side resources for providing the service are within a reasonable bound.

DOI: 10.1109/TrustCom.2011.107

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