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Chlodoueci Aduentus : foi et politique en Gaule
As the imperial power of Rome was slowly phasing out at the end of the 5 throughout the western territories, power over Gaul was being shared by two groups: the Bishops, descendants of the
Joseph Babinski : une personnalité complexe
  • E. Hillbom
  • Medicine
    Acta neurologica Scandinavica. Supplementum
  • 1965
The opinion is advanced, based on experience, that this kind of optimism is only justified to a very limited extent and that society should see to i t that facilities exist for continued care of the brain injured.
From Excavation to Restitution of the Networks of Roman and Pre-roman Roads: The Footprints of the 2222 m and 2535 m Leagues in the Carnute, Senon and Parisii Territories (Gallia Lugdunensis/France)
Beyond the restitution of the road networks, this study has revealed that many menhirs, supposedly Neolithic, were in fact standing on points established with the gallo-roman league metric and sometimes directly erected on the limits of ancient cities.
8 EMS Newsletter September 2019 Feature Fourier , one man , several lives
Fourier was born 250 years ago, twenty-one years before the French Revolution in 1789. The events of those troubled times turned his life into an adventure novel: the Revolution with its mortal
Jules-Auguste Soury (1842-1915): A Centennial Call to Mind
Jules-Auguste Soury (1842-1915), a Parisian theorist and historian of science, was the author of ‘The Central Nervous System', one of the most comprehensive and original accounts, until 1900, of the
3D analysis of the misalignment fo the lower extremity, a pre, per and postoperative study
A pre-, per-, postoperative three dimensional analysis protocol is now available for the quantification of the evolution of the leg alignment alterations pre- and post-operatively and the results show that the knee three dimensional reconstruction protocol from stereoradiography may be used in clinical practice.
The Total War of Paris Mathematicians
From 1914 to 1918, Paris mathematicians were highly mobilized for war. In this paper, we argue that the wartime experience of Parisian mathematicians was total, in three areas especially: military
A study in dispossession: the political ecology of phosphate in Tunisia
This article seeks to evidence the social, environmental and political repercussions of phosphate extraction and transformation on two peripheral Tunisian cities (Gabes and Gafsa). After positing the
Chapter 1 Fracture Mechanisms by Fatigue 1
  • History
  • 2013
In the not so distant past, we often built not from precise calculations, but by intuition. Carpenters did not question the resistance of the wood they used to build their ships. However, there is no