Parietal cell carcinoma of the stomach and Ménétrier's disease.

  title={Parietal cell carcinoma of the stomach and M{\'e}n{\'e}trier's disease.},
  author={Alfredo Jos{\'e} Afonso Barbosa and Ana Margarida Miguel Ferreira Nogueira and Virg{\'i}nia Hora Rios Leite and G F Lima J{\'u}nior and Celso Affonso de Oliveira},
  journal={Arquivos de gastroenterologia},
  volume={24 1},
A case of gastric parietal cell carcinoma, a newly recognized entity, associated with Ménétrier's disease, is presented. The tumor presented a excavated ulcer 6 x 6 cm in diameter surrounding the cardiac region. Metastasis in the greater curvature and epiploon++ lymph nodes were identified. The mucosa of gastric body and fundus showed large thickened… CONTINUE READING