Parietal Dysgraphia: Characterization of Abnormal Writing Stroke Sequences, Character Formation and Character Recall

  title={Parietal Dysgraphia: Characterization of Abnormal Writing Stroke Sequences, Character Formation and Character Recall},
  author={Yasuhisa Sakurai and Yoshinobu Onuma and Gaku Nakazawa and Yoshikazu Ugawa and Toshimitsu Momose and Shoji Tsuji and Toru Mannen},
  booktitle={Behavioural neurology},
OBJECTIVE To characterize various dysgraphic symptoms in parietal agraphia. METHOD We examined the writing impairments of four dysgraphia patients from parietal lobe lesions using a special writing test with 100 character kanji (Japanese morphograms) and their kana (Japanese phonetic writing) transcriptions, and related the test performance to a lesion site. RESULTS Patients 1 and 2 had postcentral gyrus lesions and showed character distortion and tactile agnosia, with patient 1 also having… CONTINUE READING
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