Parental reactions to febrile seizures in Malaysian children.

  title={Parental reactions to febrile seizures in Malaysian children.},
  author={C T Deng and H. Zulkifli and B. H. O. Azizi},
  journal={The Medical journal of Malaysia},
  volume={51 4},
The reactions of 117 parents to the febrile seizure experienced by their children; and their fears and worries were investigated. A standard questionnaire was used and clinical information was abstracted from the notes. In 88.9% of the cases, the adult present at the seizure was one of the parents usually the mother. Most of the parents (66.7%) did tepid sponging to bring the fever down but a third tried to open the clenched teeth of the child. The adults present placed the child supine in 62.9… CONTINUE READING