Parental presence during induction of anesthesia. A randomized controlled trial.

  title={Parental presence during induction of anesthesia. A randomized controlled trial.},
  author={Zeev N. Kain and Linda C. Mayes and L A Caramico and Donald Silver and Michael Spieker and Malin Nygren and Gary M. Anderson and Steven D Rimar},
  volume={84 5},
BACKGROUND To determine whether parental presence during induction of anesthesia is an effective preoperative behavioral intervention, a randomized controlled trial with children undergoing outpatient surgery was conducted. METHODS Eighty-four children were randomly assigned to a parent-present or parent-absent group. Using multiple behavioral and physiologic measures of anxiety, the effect of the intervention on the children and their parents was assessed. Predictors for the response to the… CONTINUE READING

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