Parental Alienation as a Form of Emotional Child Abuse: The Current State of Knowledge and Future Directions for Research

  title={Parental Alienation as a Form of Emotional Child Abuse: The Current State of Knowledge and Future Directions for Research},
  author={Edward Kruk},
  journal={Family Science Review},
  • Edward Kruk
  • Published 2018
  • Psychology
  • Family Science Review
This article examines the current state of research on parental alienation, which reveals that alienation is far more common and debilitating for children and parents than was previously believed. In extreme cases, one can make the argument that parental alienation is a serious form of emotional child abuse. Careful scrutiny of key elements of parental alienation in the research literature consistently identifies two core elements of child abuse: parental alienation as a significant form of… 

A Comparison of MMPI-2 Profiles Between Parental Alienation Cases and Custody Cases

The present study aimed at understanding the personality features of mothers and fathers engaged in parental alienation—a family dynamic in which one parent behaves in a way that foments a child’s

U.S. child custody outcomes in cases involving parental alienation and abuse allegations: what do the data show?

  • Joan S. Meier
  • Psychology
    Journal of Social Welfare and Family Law
  • 2020
ABSTRACT Family court and abuse professionals have long been polarized over the use of parental alienation claims to discredit a mother alleging that the father has been abusive or is unsafe for the

Parental Alienation Syndrome (Focus on Management)

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) is a process in which one parent (Aligned Parent) teaches his children to reject or antago- nize other parents (Rejected Parent) which results in disruption to the

The Definition of The Psychological Pressure on Children by The Parents at The Post-Divorce Stage

In this article we have tried to present our research in this field, drawing on a parallel with world experience, research and obtained data.It is well known that the innate desire to have a

Understanding Targeted Parents’ Experience of Parental Alienation: A Qualitative Description from Their Own Perspective

Abstract The aim of this study was to identify, synthetize and describe targeted parents’ experiences of being alienated from their child/ren. Fifty-four self-referred targeted parents were

Individual and community practices for constructing communicative resilience: exploring the communicative processes of coping with parental alienation

ABSTRACT Parental alienation occurs after parents divorce and intentionally or even unintentionally persuade their children to distance themselves from or reject the other parent. Framed by the

Epidemiology of childhood trauma and its association with insomnia and psychotic-like experiences in Chinese Zhuang adolescents

A significant dose-response relationship was found between Childhood trauma and insomnia/ PLEs and this association varied depending on the type and accumulation of exposure.

Prevencija emocionalnog zlostavljanja djece u visokokonfliktnim razvodima roditelja

Parental divorce and separation affect numerous children and youth. Roughly every third parental divorce is high-conflict divorce, in which ex-spouses persist or even increase hostility and animosity

Razdvajanje roditelja i otuđenje

There is no clear consensus regarding parental separation and alienation terminology among experts and scientists in Croatia, as well as in other countries, even though these phenomena are widely



Parental alienation and suicide in men.

  • L. Sher
  • Psychology
    Psychiatria Danubina
  • 2015
It is interesting to speculate that parental alienation may contribute to suicidality in adult men who were victims of parental alienation as children or in men who are alienated from their children.

The Forgotten Parent: The Targeted Parent Perspective of Parental Alienation

This study investigated the targeted parent experience of parental alienation and alienating behaviors. One hundred and twenty-six targeted parents provided narratives in response to an open-ended

The Life Paths and Lived Experiences of Adults Who Have Experienced Parental Alienation: A Retrospective Study

This qualitative study concerns the life paths and lived experiences of 6 adults who have been alienated from a parent in the past. The results suggest several hypotheses concerning the factors that

Kids Come Last: The Effect of Family Law Involvement in Parental Alienation

Parental alienation following separation or divorce, in which one parent denigrates the other in order to turn their children against that parent, is a well-documented but poorly recognized form of

Adult Recall of Parental Alienation in a Community Sample: Prevalence and Associations With Psychological Maltreatment

Two hundred fifty-three adults working in a New York child welfare agency agreed to complete anonymous research packets containing, among other measures, 6 existing scales of psychological

Collateral Damage: The Lived Experiences of Divorced Mothers Without Custody

This qualitative study utilizing narrative analysis and grounded theory examines the history and experiences of 14 Canadian women who have lost custody of their children within a legal divorce

The psychosocial treatment of parental alienation.

  • Douglas Darnall
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Child and adolescent psychiatric clinics of North America
  • 2011

To Turn a Child Against a Parent Is To Turn a Child Against Himself: The Direct and Indirect Effects of Exposure to Parental Alienation Strategies on Self-Esteem and Well-Being

Direct and indirect effects of exposure to 19 parental alienation strategies in 118 adult children of divorce were examined via a confidential and anonymous computer survey. We investigated the


This article describes an innovative educational and experiential program, Family Bridges: A Workshop for Troubled and Alienated Parent-Child RelationshipsTM, that draws on social science research to

How Can the Process of Parental Alienation and the Alienator Be Effectively Treated?

This article discusses primarily approaches or methods in dealing with a parent who alienates a child against another parent due to the hostility developed following divorce and separation. The basic