Parental 'Consent' to Child Removal in Stolen Generations Cases

  title={Parental 'Consent' to Child Removal in Stolen Generations Cases},
  author={T. Anthony and H. V. Rijswijk},
Consent, will and agency have problematic uses in the law.1 Subjected groups are implicitly inferiorised through these concepts, such that their complicity to acts of the subjector is taken for granted. This complicity, Sadiya Hartman asserts, shrouds the ‘condition of violent domination’ that actually operates between subjector and subjected.2 Writing about the legal context of racial subjugation during slavery and its aftermath in the United States of America, Hartman argues that consent… Expand
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Some Parents Are More Equal than Others: Discrimination against People with Disabilities under Adoption Law
Article 23 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) explicitly includes ‘the adoption of children’ as a right to which people with disabilities are equally entitled.Expand