Parent-adolescent problem-solving interactions and drug use.

  title={Parent-adolescent problem-solving interactions and drug use.},
  author={Hyman Hops and Elizabeth A Tildesley and Estelle Lichtenstein and Dennis V Ary and Leny Sherman},
  journal={The American journal of drug and alcohol abuse},
  volume={16 3-4},
This study reports on the social problem-solving interactions of young adolescents in single-parent and intact families on substance-specific and nonsubstance-related issues. Although research has shown the impact of families on adolescent substance use, all of the previous results have been based on questionnaire or interview data. A sample of 128 families was selected from a larger sample of 763 within a longitudinal study of adolescent substance use. Parent(s) and one adolescent, aged 11-15… CONTINUE READING

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