Parechoviruses, a novel group of human picornaviruses.

  title={Parechoviruses, a novel group of human picornaviruses.},
  author={P{\"a}ivi Joki-Korpela and Timo Hyypi{\"a}},
  journal={Annals of medicine},
  volume={33 7},
Parechoviruses are a recently established group of human viral pathogens. At the time of their first isolation, parechoviruses were classified among the enterovirus genus in the picornavirus family, but based on their different biological properties they were separated into their own genus. The type member is human parechovirus 1 (HPEV1), which frequently infects humans, in particular small children. The parechovirus genus also includes HPEV2 and the Ljungan virus, which was recently isolated… CONTINUE READING
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