Paraumbilical perforator flap without deep inferior epigastric vessels.

  title={Paraumbilical perforator flap without deep inferior epigastric vessels.},
  author={Isao Koshima and Kiichi Inagawa and Katsuyuki Urushibara and Takahiko Moriguchi},
  journal={Plastic and reconstructive surgery},
  volume={102 4},
With the introduction of supramicrosurgery, a new paraumbilical perforator flap without a deep inferior epigastric vessel and with very small perforator anastomoses was used for nine patients. The abdominal defects of two patients, the lower leg or foot defects of five patients, and the scalp defects of two patients were repaired with an island perforator flap. The advantages of the paraumbilical perforator flap are as follows: (1) there is a very short operating time for flap elevation; (2… CONTINUE READING


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