Parathyroid involvement in thyroid cancer: an unforeseen event

  title={Parathyroid involvement in thyroid cancer: an unforeseen event},
  author={Alexandra I Chrisoulidou and Stylianos Mandanas and Periklis Mitsakis and Paschalia K. Iliadou and Kosmas Manafis and Nikolaos Flaris and Maria Boudina and Lemonia Mathiopoulou and Kalliopi Pazaitou-Panayiotou},
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BACKGROUND Parathyroid metastatic disease from thyroid cancer has not been studied extensively, mainly due to the need for parathyroid preservation during thyroid surgery. METHODS We reviewed files from 1,770 patients with thyroid cancer followed up in our department and 10 patients with parathyroid metastases (0.5%) were identified. Patient and tumor characteristics were recorded. RESULTS Six out of ten patients had metastases from papillary thyroid cancer, three from follicular thyroid… CONTINUE READING