Parathyroid hormone-induced lipolysis in human adipose tissue.

  title={Parathyroid hormone-induced lipolysis in human adipose tissue.},
  author={Akihisa Taniguchi and Kouhei Kataoka and Tetsuro Kono and Fujimaro Oseko and Hiromichi Okuda and Itaru Nagata and Hiroo Imura},
  journal={Journal of lipid research},
  volume={28 5},
Relative lipolytic activity of human parathyroid hormone-(1-34) (hPTH-(1-34], hPTH-(3-34), desamino-Ser1-hPTH-(1-34), and rat PTH-(1-34) was compared in human subcutaneous adipose tissues in vitro. Human PTH-(1-34), rat PTH-(1-34), and desamino-Ser1-hPTH-(1-34) stimulated in vitro lipolysis significantly above basal level at the concentration of 10(-6) M. Average increments of lipolytic rate were 2.39, 1.82, and 0.87 mumol/g per 2 hr, respectively, being significantly different among the three… CONTINUE READING
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