Parasites and Predators of Nilaparvata lugens in India

  title={Parasites and Predators of Nilaparvata lugens in India},
  author={T. M. Manjunath and Patte Shivarama Rai and G. A. Nagena Gowda},
Abstract During a survey carried out in 1976 in Mandya (Karnataka), the following natural enemies were recorded on the rice brown planthopper, Nilaparvafa lugens Stal: Egg parasites — Baeus sp., Gryon sp., Oxyscelio sp. (all Scelionidae) and Oligosita sp. (Trichogrammatidae); Nymphal/adult parasites — Echthrodelphax fairchildii, Haplogonatopus sp. (both Dryinidae) and the fungus Entomophthora sp.; Predators — Amphiareus constrictus (=fulvescens) (Anthocoridae), Camponotus sp.; Camponotus sp… CONTINUE READING