Parasite transfer from crustacean to fish hosts in the Lübeck Bight, SW Baltic Sea

  title={Parasite transfer from crustacean to fish hosts in the L{\"u}beck Bight, SW Baltic Sea},
  author={Claus Dieter Zander and Stephanie Groenewold and Uwe Strohbach},
  journal={Helgol{\"a}nder Meeresuntersuchungen},
Four helminth parasites out of 19 species found in the Lübeck Bight, Baltic Sea, were chosen for investigations on the transfer from invertebrate to small-sized fish hosts: larvae of the tapewormsSchistocephalus sp. andBothriocephalus sp. (Cestoda) living in planktonic copepods as primary hosts;Podocotyle atomon (Digenea) andHysterothylacium sp. (Nematoda) were found in benthic crustaceans, especiallyGammarus spp. These hosts were the prey of 3 gobiid fishes,Gobiusculus flavescens (feeding… CONTINUE READING
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