Parasite lactate dehydrogenase as an assay for Plasmodium falciparum drug sensitivity.

  title={Parasite lactate dehydrogenase as an assay for Plasmodium falciparum drug sensitivity.},
  author={Michael T. Makler and Jonas Ries and John A. Williams and Josephine Bancroft and Robert C. Piper and Bob Gibbins and David J. Hinrichs},
  journal={The American journal of tropical medicine and hygiene},
  volume={48 6},
This report compares the use of the lactate dehydrogenase (pLDH) assay with 3H-hypoxanthine incorporation and Giemsa microscopy for the evaluation of anti-malaria drug inhibition of the growth of P. falciparum in vitro. The inhibition profiles and IC50 determinations of the pLDH assay were directly comparable to those determined by the radioactive uptake and microscopic methods. Furthermore, the pLDH culture sensitivity assay is reproducible, easily interpreted, rapid and inexpensive to perform… CONTINUE READING
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