Parasite Co-Infections and Their Impact on Survival of Indigenous Cattle

  title={Parasite Co-Infections and Their Impact on Survival of Indigenous Cattle},
  author={Samuel Mwangi Thumbi and B Mark C Bronsvoort and Elizabeth Jane Poole and Henry Kimathi Kiara and Philip G. Toye and Mary Ndila Mbole-Kariuki and Ilana Conradie and Amy L Jennings and Ian G Handel and Jacobus Andries Wynand Coetzer and Johan C. A. Steyl and Olivier Hanotte and Mark E. J. Woolhouse},
  booktitle={PloS one},
In natural populations, individuals may be infected with multiple distinct pathogens at a time. These pathogens may act independently or interact with each other and the host through various mechanisms, with resultant varying outcomes on host health and survival. To study effects of pathogens and their interactions on host survival, we followed 548 zebu cattle during their first year of life, determining their infection and clinical status every 5 weeks. Using a combination of clinical signs… CONTINUE READING

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