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Parapsychology, Science or Magic?: A Psychological Perspective

  title={Parapsychology, Science or Magic?: A Psychological Perspective},
  author={J. E. Alcock},
  • J. E. Alcock
  • Published 1981
  • Psychology
  • 66 Citations
    Am I Luckier Than You? Individual Differences in Precognition Performance
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    Differences in Paranormal Beliefs across Fields of Study from a Spanish Adaptation of Tobacyk's RPBS
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    The relationship between exposure to televised messages about paranormal phenomena and paranormal beliefs
    • 53
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    The role of imagination in the construction of anomalous experience
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    Metaphysical Chauvinism and Perceptions of Deviance in Religion, Atheism, and Alien Realms
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    Relation of Tolerance of Ambiguity to Global and Specific Paranormal Experience
    • 32
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    The Binomial Sign Test for a Single Sample
    An Assessment of the Dimensionality and Factorial Structure of the Revised Paranormal Belief Scale
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