Paraproteinemia and reticulum cell sarcoma in an inbred mouse strain.

  title={Paraproteinemia and reticulum cell sarcoma in an inbred mouse strain.},
  author={Harold J. Wanebo and Walter Michael Gallmeier and Edward A. Boyse and L. John Old},
  volume={154 3751},
Mice of the inbred SJL/J strain have a high incidence of a proliferative disease affecting several cell types, including reticulum cells and plasma cells, which is frequently accompanied by gamma(1) and gamma(2) paraproteinemia. In only some instances can seriallytransplantable lines of neoplastic cells be obtained; these are reticulum cell sarcomas. Mice with transplanted reticulum cell e arcomas do not have paraproteinemia and may develop profound hypogammaglobulinemia. The disease may be… CONTINUE READING

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