Paraplegia caused by brown tumor in primary hyperparathyroidism. Case report.

  title={Paraplegia caused by brown tumor in primary hyperparathyroidism. Case report.},
  author={Naoko Yokota and Tadanobu Kuribayashi and Masayuki Nagamine and Masaaki Tanaka and Shigeru Matsukura and Shinichiro Wakisaka},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgery},
  volume={71 3},
A brown tumor is a secondary disorder of bone associated with hyperparathyroidism that arises predominantly in the metacarpals, phalanges, jaw, pelvis, or femur. Rarely does this tumor involve the spine. The authors describe a case of brown tumor in primary hyperparathyroidism, causing spinal cord compression. The first step in diagnosing this lesion in an unusual site is a high index of suspicion. Essentially, this tumor is benign but emergency surgery for tumor removal is recommended in… CONTINUE READING

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