Paraphrasing Depending on Bilingual Context Toward Generalization of Translation Knowledge

  title={Paraphrasing Depending on Bilingual Context Toward Generalization of Translation Knowledge},
  author={Young-Sook Hwang and Young Kil Kim and Sangkyu Park},
This study presents a method to automatically acquire paraphrases using bilingual corpora, which utilizes the bilingual dependency relations obtained by projecting a monolingual dependency parse onto the other language sentence based on statistical alignment techniques. Since the paraphrasing method is capable of clearly disambiguating the sense of an original phrase using the bilingual context of dependency relation, it would be possible to obtain interchangeable paraphrases under a given… CONTINUE READING

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Key Quantitative Results

  • Through experiments with parallel corpora of a Korean and English language pairs, we show that our paraphrasing method effectively extracts paraphrases with high precision, 94.3% and 84.6% respectively for Korean and English, and the translation knowledge extracted from the bilingual corpora could be generalized successfully using the paraphrases with the 12.5% compression ratio.


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