Paraphilias Across Cultures: Contexts and Controversies

  title={Paraphilias Across Cultures: Contexts and Controversies},
  author={Dinesh Bhugra and Dmitri Popelyuk and Isabel McMullen},
  journal={The Journal of Sex Research},
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Cultures define and describe what is normal and what is deviant. These definitions of normality vary across cultures and are influenced by a number of factors, such as religion. Cultures have been described in various ways, including sex-positive where the sexual act itself is seen as important for pleasure, or sex-negative where the sexual act is seen only as for procreative purposes. The role and development of paraphilias across cultures is also variable, with cultures defining what is legal… 

Sexual Diversity and Transcultural Context

Sexual variations have existed across all cultures over millennia. However, the attitudes to alternative sexualities and their treatments have varied dramatically and continue to do so even in the

Disposition and Treatment of Paraphilia in Non-western Cultures

An ongoing discovery of personal sexuality is central to human experience. Determinants of sexual interests and preferences are likely set early, if not from the very beginning, but are also

Paraphilic infantilism, diaperism and pedophilia: A review.

Sexual variation and mental health*

  • D. Bhugra
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Nordic journal of psychiatry
  • 2018
It is crucial that clinicians are aware of the role that culture plays in acceptance or rejection of sexual minorities and the relation between sexuality, culture and mental health.

A Review on Paraphilias

The treatment of sexual deviation has great complexity due to its coincidnce with psychiatric disorders such as personality disorders, as well as other factors such as the patients’ shame and modesty and not stating their problems.

An Examination of the Relationship Between the Paraphilias and Anxiety

Despite many proposed theories (e.g., biological, learning, evolutionary) it is still unclear how individuals develop paraphilic interests. It is not even clear from these theories why paraphilic

More Than a Nuisance

Results indicate a high rate of victimization among female college students for both paraphilias, and acts of frotteurism and exhibitionism most often occurred in places related to public transportation in this urban setting.

The Prevalence of Paraphilic Interests in the Czech Population: Preference, Arousal, the Use of Pornography, Fantasy, and Behavior

The results indicate that the high prevalence of some paraphilic patterns might render their pathologization problematic and explore sex differences in an online representative sample of Czech men and women using various dimensions of sexual experience.

Are Female Paraphilias Hiding in Plain Sight? Risqué Male–Male Erotica for Women in Sinophone and Anglophone Regions

Women's paraphilias have been largely overlooked because they might be expressed more commonly through fantasy than action, that their mass expression has awaited both the means and the market force, and that current conceptualization of, and assumptions about, paraphilia is overly modeled on that of men.



Disturbances in objects of desire: Cross-cultural issues

Paraphilias are defined as sexual attractions to objects or individuals not normally found attractive. This sexual 'deviance' has been shown to be normal, in such cases as masturbation or oral sex,

Culture-bound syndromes.

Is Pedophilia a Mental Disorder?

  • R. Green
  • Psychology
    Archives of sexual behavior
  • 2002
Consensual same-sex adult–adult sexuality does not suggest the element of harm to one participant as in child–adult sex or an age barrier to informed consent, but these concerns are within the domain of the law and penal enforcement.

Gender Differences in Sexual Interest

A biosocial model is proposed that integrates data about nature and nurture to show how several biological factors tilt males and females in different directions related to sexual interest, and how numerous social factors influence the way the biological tilts can be redirected in countless different ways as individuals grow up in subsets of their culture and subculture.

Pedophilia and Sexual Offenses against Children

  • M. Seto
  • Psychology
    Annual review of sex research
  • 2004
The definition and assessment of pedophilia is reviewed, the relationship between pedophilia and sexual offenses against children is described, and an overview of the current theoretical understanding of the etiology of Pedophilia is provided.

Theories of origins of male homosexuality. A cross-cultural look.

Data from an isolated Eastern Highlands New Guinea tribe is used to test psychoanalytic and learning theory explanations for origins of homoerotic behavior and it is shown that Sambia men are almost always heterosexual.

Neurodevelopmental Correlates of Paraphilic Sexual Interests in Men

It is suggested that processes such as developmental instability and maternal immunity may play a role in variant sexual preferences among otherwise healthy heterosexual men.

High Rates of Sexual Behavior in the General Population: Correlates and Predictors

Elevated rates of impersonal sex are associated with a range of negative health indicators in the general population, and the association between hypersexuality and paraphilic sexual interests was particularly strong for both genders.

Sexual variance in society and history

The practice of publishing an author's collected essays has in the past been indulged in mainly by the elder statesmen of science and the arts, or by their colleagues wishing to commemorate a