Parapagus ikizlerin ekokardiyografik incelemesi

  title={Parapagus ikizlerin ekokardiyografik incelemesi},
  author={Alper Hazım G{\"u}rsu and Birg{\"u}l Varan and İlkay Erdoğan and Ayla Oktay},
  journal={Ceylon Medical Journal},
Parapagus twins are reported very rarely in the literature. The incidence is estimated one in 200 000 live birth. The incidence in our country isn’t known. Because of the mother who was 36 years old, in the 8. pregnancy, the 8. and 9. live birth babie, who have dispnea after birth, were sent to in our hospital. Twins that their bodies are joined anterolaterally, have two complete heads, 3 hands and 3 feet, one anus and suspected genitelia. Heart beat of left sided twin was 137/minute and the… 



Cardiac and other malformations in parapagus twins

The cardiovascular system of a male parapagus (dicephalus, tetrabrachius, dipus) conjoined twins was studied and bilateral trilobed lungs and right isomerism was found in twin A.

Conjoined twins — the Cape Town experience

The experience in the management of 25 sets of conjoined twins seen over a 32 year period (1964–1996) is recorded, with the goal of obtaining separate, independant and intact individuals achieved.

Absence of the spleen(s) in conjoined twins: a diagnostic clue of laterality defects? Radiological study of historical specimens

Asplenia and polysplenia are considered reliable indicators of right and left isomerism, respectively, however, three of the four specimens had laterality patterns that did not correspond with those previously reported.

Experience in the management of conjoined twins

Conjoined twins occur in approximately one in 200 000 live births. Their management is often extremely complex and experience with large numbers is restricted to a few centres worldwide.

Echocardiographic assessment of conjoined twins

Prenatal and postnatal echocardiography accurately delineates cardiac fusion, ICA, and ventricular function in the majority of twins with thoracic level fusion, integral in assessing feasibility of separation.