Paraoxonase and coronary heart disease.

  title={Paraoxonase and coronary heart disease.},
  author={Michael Ian Mackness and Bharti Mackness and Paul N. Durrington and Alan M. Fogelman and Judith Berliner and Aldons J. Lusis and Mohamad Navab and Diana Mouhan Shih and Gregg C Fonarow},
  journal={Atherosclerosis. Supplements},
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Paraoxonase (PON1) hydrolyses organophosphate insecticides and nerve gases and is responsible for determining the selective toxicity of these compounds in mammals. Human PON1 has two genetic polymorphisms giving rise to amino-acid substitutions at positions 55 and 192. The 192 polymorphism is the major determinant of the PON1 activity polymorphism towards… CONTINUE READING