Paraoxonase 1 activities and genetic variation in childhood obesity.

  title={Paraoxonase 1 activities and genetic variation in childhood obesity.},
  author={Azahara Iris Rup{\'e}rez and Olga L{\'o}pez-Guarnido and Francisco Gil and Josune Olza and Mercedes Gil-Campos and Rosaura Leis and Rafael Tojo and R Ram{\'o}n Ca{\~n}ete and {\'A}ngel Gil and Concepci{\'o}n M Aguilera},
  journal={The British journal of nutrition},
  volume={110 9},
Changes in paraoxonase 1 (PON1) activities have been observed in a variety of diseases involving oxidative stress, such as CVD. However, its role in obesity has not been fully established. In the present study, we aimed (1) to genotype sixteen PON1 SNP, (2) to measure serum PON1 activities and (3) to correlate these findings with the incidence of childhood obesity and related traits. We conducted a case-control study of 189 normal-weight and 179 obese prepubertal children, and we measured four… CONTINUE READING