Paraneoplastic encephalomyelitis antigens bind to the AU-rich elements of mRNA.

  title={Paraneoplastic encephalomyelitis antigens bind to the AU-rich elements of mRNA.},
  author={Jennifer S E Liu and J. L. Dalmau and Arnold Szab{\'o} and Moshe Rosenfeld and Johannes Huber and Henry Furneaux},
  volume={45 3 Pt 1},
The Hu antigens are composed of a family of neuronal-specific, RNA-binding proteins encoded by at least three distinct genes. All three gene products, HuD, HuC/ple21, and Hel-N1, are human homologues of Elav, a Drosophila protein required for neuronal development and maintenance. Although the three proteins are very similar in structure, they are differentiated by alternative splicing of their mRNAs. We report here that the Hu antigens bind avidly to the AU-rich element resident in many mRNAs… CONTINUE READING
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