Parametrized homotopy theory

  title={Parametrized homotopy theory},
  author={Jon P. May and J. Sigurdsson},
Prologue Point-set topology, change functors, and proper actions: Introduction to Part I The point-set topology of parametrized spaces Change functors and compatibility relations Proper actions, equivariant bundles and fibrations Model categories and parametrized spaces: Introduction to Part II Topologically bicomplete model categories Well-grounded topological model categories The $qf$-model structure on $\mathcal{K}_B$ Equivariant $qf$-type model structures Ex-fibrations and ex… 

Twisted differential generalized cohomology theories and their Atiyah–Hirzebruch spectral sequence

We construct the Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence (AHSS) for twisted differential generalized cohomology theories. This generalizes to the twisted setting the authors' corresponding earlier

Parametrized spectra, multiplicative Thom spectra and the twisted Umkehr map

We introduce a general theory of parametrized objects in the setting of infinity categories. Although spaces and spectra parametrized over spaces are the most familiar examples, we establish our


In order to treat multiplicative phenomena in twisted (co)homology, we introduce a new point-set-level framework for parametrized homotopy theory. We provide a convolution smash product that descends

Twisted spin cobordism and positive scalar curvature

We show how a suitably twisted spin cobordism spectrum connects to the question of existence of metrics of positive scalar curvature on closed, smooth manifolds by building on fundamental work of

The transfer map of free loop spaces

For any perfect fibration $E \rightarrow B$, there is a "free loop transfer map" $LB_+ \rightarrow LE_+$, defined using topological Hochschild homology. We prove that this transfer is compatible with

Equivariant Ordinary Homology and Cohomology

Poincare duality lies at the heart of the homological theory of manifolds. In the presence of the action of a group it is well-known that Poincare duality fails in Bredon's ordinary, integer-graded

Bundles of spectra and algebraic K-theory

A parametrized spectrum E is a family of spectra E_x continuously parametrized by the points x of a topological space X. We take the point of view that a parametrized spectrum is a bundle-theoretic

Twists of K-theory and TMF

We explore an approach to twisted generalized cohomology from the point of view of stable homotopy theory and quasicategory theory provided by arXiv:0810.4535. We explain the relationship to the

Fixed Point Theory and Trace for Bicategories

The Lefschetz fixed point theorem follows easily from the identification of the Lefschetz number with the fixed point index. This identification is a consequence of the functoriality of the trace in

Units of ring spectra and Thom spectra

We review and extend the theory of Thom spectra and the associated obstruction theory for orientations. We recall (from May, Quinn, and Ray) that a commutative ring spectrum A has a spectrum of units



The homotopy category is a homotopy category

Duality for smooth families in equivariant stable homotopy theory

Fibrewise Homotopy Theory

Part 1: A Survey of Fibrewise Homotopy Theory. Introduction to Fibrewise Homotopy Theory. The Pointed Theory. Applications Part 2: An Introduction to Fibrewise Stable Homotopy Theory. Foundations.

Axiomatic stable homotopy theory

Introduction and definitions Smallness, limits and constructibility Bousfield localization Brown representability Nilpotence and thick subcategories Noetherian stable homotopy categories Connective

Strong cofibrations and fibrations in enriched categories

We define strong cofibrations and fibrations in suitably enriched categories using the relative homotopy extension resp. lifting property. We prove a general pairing result, which for topological

Equivariant Orthogonal Spectra and S-Modules

Introduction Orthogonal spectra and $S$-modules Equivariant orthogonal spectra Model categories of orthogonal $G$-spectra Orthogonal $G$-spectra and $S_G$-modules ""Change"" functors for orthogonal

Isomorphisms between left and right adjoints

There are many contexts in algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, and homological algebra where one encounters a functor that has both a left and right adjoint, with the right adjoint being

The Additivity of Traces in Triangulated Categories

Abstract We explain a fundamental additivity theorem for Euler characteristics and generalized trace maps in triangulated categories. The proof depends on a refined axiomatization of symmetric

Classifying Spaces And Fibrations

Duality and transfer for parametrized spectra