• Mathematics
  • Published 2018

Parametrizations, weights, and optimal prediction: Part 1

  title={Parametrizations, weights, and optimal prediction: Part 1},
  author={Azzouz Dermoune and Khalifa Es-Sebaiy and Mohammed Es.Sebaiy and Jabrane Moustaaid},
We consider the problem of the annual mean temperature prediction. The years taken into account and the corresponding annual mean temperatures are denoted by $0,\ldots, n$ and $t_0$, $\ldots$, $t_n$, respectively. We propose to predict the temperature $t_{n+1}$ using the data $t_0$, $\ldots$, $t_n$. For each $0\leq l\leq n$ and each parametrization $\Theta^{(l)}$ of the Euclidean space $\mathbb{R}^{l+1}$ we construct a list of weights for the data $\{t_0,\ldots, t_l\}$ based on the rows of… CONTINUE READING