Parametric Modelling System of Gas Turbine Combustor


Original scientific paper In the numerical simulation research of gas turbine combustor, there are plenty repetitive operations such as modelling and meshing. Parametric design idea is about simplifying it. This paper establishes a parametric modelling system of gas turbine combustor, mainly for the flame tube components, which includes parametric modelling and simple mesh generation. Taking a swirler as example, this paper introduces the parametric modelling system in detail. It also shows that the database contains different swirler and flame tube structure types. The system is designed under the UG secondary development platform, based on graphics template of parametric design method. The parametric modelling system has good practicability and universality, only takes a few minutes to update a model, and can update the database anytime to add new structure types. It is a utility for aid of both combustion chamber design and performance optimization research work.

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