Parametric Coding of Stereo Audio

  title={Parametric Coding of Stereo Audio},
  author={Jeroen Breebaart and Steven L. J. D. E. van de Par and Armin Kohlrausch and Erik Gp Schuijers},
  journal={EURASIP J. Adv. Sig. Proc.},
Parametric-stereo coding is a technique to efficiently code a stereo audio signal as a monaural signal plus a small amount of parametric overhead to describe the stereo image. The stereo properties are analyzed, encoded, and reinstated in a decoder according to spatial psychoacoustical principles. The monaural signal can be encoded using any (conventional) audio coder. Experiments show that the parameterized description of spatial properties enables a highly efficient, high-quality stereo audio… CONTINUE READING
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