Parameters estimation method for photovoltaic modules


This paper proposes an accurate parameter estimation method for the single-diode electrical model of PV modules. Based on the single-diode model, the aim of the proposed method is to find the five unknown parameters that guarantee the minimum absolute error between the P-V curves generated by the electrical model and provided by the manufacturers' data… (More)


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@article{Bradaschia2015ParametersEM, title={Parameters estimation method for photovoltaic modules}, author={Fabr{\'i}cio Bradaschia and Emerson A. Silva and Marcelo Cabral Cavalcanti and Aguinaldo Jos{\'e} do Nascimento and F. A. S. Neves}, journal={2015 IEEE 13th Brazilian Power Electronics Conference and 1st Southern Power Electronics Conference (COBEP/SPEC)}, year={2015}, pages={1-6} }