Parameters Estimation Algorithm of Near-Field Cyclostationary Source Based on Propagator

  title={Parameters Estimation Algorithm of Near-Field Cyclostationary Source Based on Propagator},
  author={Li Guo Wang},
  journal={Advanced Materials Research},
  pages={2909 - 2912}
  • Li Guo Wang
  • Published 2014
  • Mathematics
  • Advanced Materials Research
  • An improved MUSIC algorithm based on third-order cyclic moment is proposed to estimate the bearing and range parameters of near-field cyclostationary sources. The algorithm adopts the uniform linear array, structures the third-order cyclic moment matrix by the array outputs, and utilizes the propagator method to replace the singular value decomposition, calculate the signal noise subspace directly. Compared with the traditional MUSIC algorithm, the proposed algorithm has high estimation… CONTINUE READING

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