Parameterizing Conjugacy Classes of Maximal Unramified Tori via Bruhat-tits Theory

  title={Parameterizing Conjugacy Classes of Maximal Unramified Tori via Bruhat-tits Theory},
  author={facetin thebuilding},
  • facetin thebuilding
  • Published 2001
Let denotea field with discretevaluation. We assumethat is completewith perfectresiduefield . Let denotethegroupof -rationalpointsof a reducti ve,linearalgebraic group definedover . A torus in is said to be unramifiedif it splits over an unramified extensionof . Let denotethesetof conjugacy classesof maximalunramifiedtori in . Let denotethesetof pairs where is a facetin theBruhat-Tits building of and is amaximal -anisotropictorusin (theconnectedreducti ve -groupassociatedto ). Thereis anatural… CONTINUE READING

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