Parameterized Complexity of Length-bounded Cuts and Multicuts

  title={Parameterized Complexity of Length-bounded Cuts and Multicuts},
  author={P. Dvoř{\'a}k and D. Knop},
  • P. Dvořák, D. Knop
  • Published 2018
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Algorithmica
  • We study the Minimum Length-Bounded Cut problem where the task is to find a set of edges of a graph such that after removal of this set, the shortest path between two prescribed vertices is at least $$L + 1$$L+1 long. We show the problem can be computed in $$\mathsf {FPT}$$FPT time with respect to L and the tree-width of the input graph G as parameters and with linear dependence of |V(G)| (i.e., in time $$f (L, {\text {tw}}(G))|V(G)|$$f(L,tw(G))|V(G)| for a computable function f). We derive an… CONTINUE READING
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