Parameterization of Eddy Fluxes near Oceanic Boundaries

  title={Parameterization of Eddy Fluxes near Oceanic Boundaries},
  author={R. J. Ferrari and James C. McWilliams and Vittorio M. Canuto and Mikhail Dubovikov},
In the stably stratified interior of the ocean, mesoscale edd ies transport materials by quasiadiabatic isopycnal stirring. Resolving or parameterizin g these effects is important for modeling the oceanic general circulation and climate. Near the bo ttom and near the surface, however, microscale boundary-layer turbulence overcomes the adiab tic, isopycnal constraints for the mesoscale transport. In this paper we present a formalism fo r representing this transition from adiabatic, isopycnally… CONTINUE READING
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