Parameterising the surface free energy and excess adsorption of a hard-sphere fluid at a planar hard wall

  title={Parameterising the surface free energy and excess adsorption of a hard-sphere fluid at a planar hard wall},
  author={Ruslan L. Davidchack and Brian B. Laird and Roland Roth},
  journal={Molecular Physics},
  pages={1091 - 1096}
The inhomogeneous structure of a fluid at a wall can be characterised in several ways. Within a thermodynamic description, the surface free energy γ and the excess adsorption Γ are of central importance. For theoretical studies, closed expression of γ and Γ can be very valuable; however, even for a well-studied model system such as a hard-sphere fluid at a planar hard wall, the accuracy of existing expressions for γ and Γ, compared to precise computer simulation data, can still be improved… 
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