Parameter Identification and State-of-Charge Estimation for Li-Ion Batteries Using an Improved Tree Seed Algorithm

  title={Parameter Identification and State-of-Charge Estimation for Li-Ion Batteries Using an Improved Tree Seed Algorithm},
  author={Weijie Chen and Mingguang Cai and Xiaojun Tan and Bo Wei},
  journal={IEICE Trans. Inf. Syst.},
Accurate estimation of the state-of-charge is a crucial need for the battery, which is the most important power source in electric vehicles. To achieve better estimation result, an accurate battery model with optimum parameters is required. In this paper, a gradient-free optimization technique, namely tree seed algorithm (TSA), is utilized to identify specific parameters of the battery model. In order to strengthen the search ability of TSA and obtain more quality results, the original… 

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